Thursday, September 16, 2010

sights of Bogota: can you guess what these are?

Theres things are everywhere. I had no idea what they were for at first... any guesses?

Bogota sights15 Bogota sights10
Bogota sights09 Bogota sights13

If we go for a walk today, I'll try to get a few pictures of ones "in use"...


  1. i'm stumped. somewhere to stick the baby when you need to bend down and tie your shoe? somewhere to put your bags when you want to stop for a smoke? like i said, i'm stumped.

  2. Garbage time! I forgot about those, but as soon as I saw them all the memories came back. We didn't have those in Ecuador and some in Venezuela, but mostly in Costa Rica. So much fun!!!

  3. I was going to guess mail boxes, but I have a feeling that isn't right. :-)

  4. Wait, did you give the answer out yet? I must know.


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