Thursday, September 30, 2010

can you guess?

That's not an avocado...

THIS is an avocado!


Actually, they're all avocados. The ones on the right are the small/normal sized ones we're used to in Canada. The ones on the left are AVOCADOS ON STEROIDS. From what others have told me, the large (huge) ones are more mild tasting and nice for things like guacamole. 

I thought they were melons.


  1. Please tell me that you bought one and immediately made some guacamole!! Oooh, I have three of the wee ones ripening on my counter as we speak.

  2. yummo! i would bath in it. man i love avodaco.

  3. Holy crap! Those are enormous! That's, like, an entire bowl of guacamole!

  4. That blows my mind. Think of all the guacamole you could make with a single avocado.. wow! The seed must be huge!


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