Thursday, August 12, 2010

more goodbyes

goobye @ church-2goobye @ church-3
Mattias and Liam

goobye @ church-6
goobye @ church-7
Simon and Edouard

goobye @ church-8goobye @ church-9
Liam and Jorick

goobye @ church-10
goobye @ church-11
Alexi and Simon

goobye @ church-4
goobye @ church-5
Mattias, Liam and Nathaniel

goobye @ church-1
the whole gang (those who were there)

I've mentioned what great friends we have, right? These pictures of the boys and their friends were taken on our last Sunday at our church in Gatineau. It was a really special morning and I'd love to share the card plastered with love-filled messages that we were given, but it's currently in a box somewhere awaiting its big international move.

I'm hoping it won't be too hard to find someplace to print some of these images once we get to Bogota. I especially love the grimace pictures. Little boys being little boys. At their best. Love it.

And love all these little faces.


  1. What wonderful pictures! Looks like a perfect send-off for the boys.

  2. I agree, the goofy photos are the best! Love them.


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