Wednesday, June 30, 2010

what I've been up to lately

baby Lorik, newborn session (more here)

V D & family-16
Dave + Vicky + kids, family session (more here)

Pat + Isabel, maternity session (more here)

baby session-7
baby Juliette, newborn(ish) session (more here)

Mike + Marta, maternity session (more here)

baby Victor, newborn session (more here)

Pat + Élise + kids, maternity/family session (more here)

baby Marcus, newborn session (more here)

Martin + Valérie + kids, family session (not blogged yet)

So yeah, I've been busy!

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  1. Fantastic pics!! Love all of them! Thanks so much for linkin up.

  2. Oh my gosh, these are amazing. I've gotta tweet these!

  3. I love the pic of baby Marcus! Beautiful! :)

  4. Lovely photos! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Those are amazing! I especially love that first baby pic and the last family pic!

  6. I freakin LOVE your blog! I could spend hours here! Beautiful pictures!

  7. What beautful photos. I keep seeing some many great family photo sessions that I think it is time to have some done of my own family.

  8. I love them all! You have a great eye and the colour is wonderful. My only bugaboo (and this is my totally personal POV!) is with newborn shots like the top one with the little arms crossed. I know it's meant to look cute, and I realize I'm in the minority here (but you asked!!) but I personally find poses like that oddly contrived and unnatural. Then you have shots of babies sleeping... which in contrast are all so beautiful and authentic. KWIM? :)

  9. I totally know what you mean, Andrea! My mom finds them kind of creepy! I certainly don't look at those really posed shots and think, "Aw, how beautiful!". I do find them cute and funny though.

    (And letmetellyou, getting a sleeping baby into that pose is often HILARIOUS. It's just so much fun to fold and squish and pose those little bodies. Seriously. My kids are lucky I wasn't doing this when they were newborns cause I would've spent the first two weeks of their lives posing them and sticking them in all manner of pot/bowl/basket.)

    The things is, parents seem to love them and often hire me based on having seen similar poses. But it doesn't always work out and I let them know not to expect too much.

    I just hope for each session that I'm able to find a balance between the contrived, posed shots and the more natural capturing-those-fleeting-moments shots. KWIM?

    As always, I appreciate the feedback. Truly.

  10. What a wonderful variety of family and baby shots! Each one is so unique and special.

  11. Agreed! It is a fine balance for sure. And we can't help what the parents want & love. Art is soooo subjective.

  12. Love these and I'm totally coming back to look at more!

  13. LOVE it!!! Maybe bring your camera to Calgary..... :)

    Love you all!
    Sara (Matt & Bella)

  14. beautiful shots of a beautiful family!

  15. Amazing photos! That one of baby Lorik with her hands under her chin is my favorite!

  16. These pictures, all of them, make me sentimental and weepy :) They're gorgeous!

  17. Amy, I cannot get over how talented and creative you are!!! Beautiful pictures! Looks like you have been WAY busy.

  18. Sorry I'm so late in getting around to visiting those that signed my linky last week. Busy summer I guess. :)

    These all are just beautiful!

  19. I'm finally catching up on my visits! So glad I came over your way, because: Oh, my! As always. I need to hire you. I particularly love all the family shots, because I know getting a whole passel of people to look artsy at the same moment is often a tall order. :)


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