Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what did YOUR kids do in school today??

One of the great things about homeschooling is the flexibility it offers. 

Flexibility to be able to put your books away and head outside to play after a day of being trapped in the house by the rain.

Flexibility to tell your kids to go put some already dirty clothes on...


...you know things are going to get dirty.

puddle jumping mosaic

Very, VERY dirty.*

Andrew's shirt says "who did you think you were saving the planet for?"

puddles-20 puddles-21

muddy Andrew mosaic

Andrew's shirt started off the colour of natural cotton/hemp.

He also started off with a shoe on each foot.

sprinkler mosaic

Half an hour of muddy fun later, headed to the backyard for a hose down...

puddles-26 puddles-27

...and to try making a homemade water slide...

puddles-29 puddles-30

...that Andrew decided it might be in his best interests not to try.


While other kids were sitting in desks, bent over notebooks and text, my three were enjoying a warm spring afternoon together. 

In a mud puddle.

Following some more water play in the backyard and a warm, soapy bath, we went back to our books to finish up the little bit of school we had left. 

Then I did laundry.


*check out the air Liam got in the picture second from the right, bottom row of the first mosaic! His feet are even with Simon's face!


  1. Tee hee. I'm coming over to your house next lovely spring muddy day, with or without kids. Looks like fun!

  2. Good for you , Amy!!! Looks like they had a wonderful, muddy, day!!!! Thank goodness for washing machines!!! and a Mom willing to wash those darling boys and their clothes!!!! Great pictures! I love the mud splashing up in big splots!! Your father in law and I had many mud playing days at that age. One summer, we decided to build an African Hut. We may have built 1 foot high and then the idea of a roof confused us and we didn't get much more accomplished. Hugs, Dianne

  3. That looks like soooo much fun! I don't know if I ever had the chance to get that dirty. What a blast! And, I can only imagine the memories they made. You got some really good shots, too. What kind of camera do you use? We are looking into getting a way better one than we have right now. :)

  4. What fun!! Makes me want to jump in the mud with them! :)

  5. Ok, that looks like so much fun! Man, I wish the sun would shine here again... it's been days and days of rain. And cool... and colds...

    Really, homeschooling is looking better and better.

  6. I'm sure I bought Xavier that same t-shirt once (The one that Andrew is wearing). Bought it in Port Dalhousie at some hippie store. Haven't seen one like it since.


  7. This looks really fun. Homeschooling fosters a strong sibling relationship. I was afraid that Morganne would miss her agemates and be tired of having her little sister for a constant playmate. Instead, the relationship between my daughters has become very close. Also, homeschooling has improved the parent/child relationship This is especially true of Morganne's relationship with her father. We're running a home-based business and Garry is able to spend more time involved with his children. Both Garry and I use homeschooling as an excuse to spend more involved time with our children.

  8. What a blast!!! Definitely TONS OF FUN!!! Great pictures which makes the memories even more vivid. I'm sure they were tired by evening which is another great side advantage. Hosing them down afterwards was the right decision BEFORE it all goes in the wash. Peter has some fun water experiences from living in Buenos Aires. Definitely a fun day for the boys. That's a good Mom to encourage those kinds of activities. Love, Mora/Mom/Nana

  9. SOOO much fun!!!! It's been COLD here for the last few weeks, but once it's warm again we'll head out to play in the sprinklers with Bella too. Nothing like getting good and wet/dirty. :) I remember it raining so hard in Argentina that we'd go out in our bathingsuits and "shower" in the rain in the back yard. Liam Simon and Andrew will have some fun memories!


  10. I just posted a loooong message... it better show up!! Love you guys!


  11. PS. We posted TWO blogs last week. :) CHeck em out!

  12. Best. School day ever.

    Great pics too Amy!!

  13. PPS. :) I was inspired by your last post, and wanted to put all of Bella's books in rainbow order. Matt was NOT convinced but finally said it would be ok to do the top row of books in her room. By the end of it, he was critiquing my color order, and making me rearrange the books so that it looked perfect!


  14. It's a muddy day for your kids. Very enjoyable to see your kids enjoying the moment with muds. I remembered my childhood especially when the rain came.


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