Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peter's parents -AKA Papa and Nana- arrived this week. After picking Peter up from work, we battled rush hour traffic in a race to get to the airport before Papa and Nana made it through customs from their flight from Frankfurt.

The boys found prime spots on the bench directly opposite the sliding doors.

And they waited.

Papa +Nana arrive-23

And waited.

Papa +Nana arrive-22

And then Peter found his dad somewhere near the washrooms. 


Although they didn't get to see their sweet little grandsons all lined up not so patiently waiting for their arrival, the welcome was just as exuberant as it would have been had we been more timely.

Papa +Nana arrive-21Papa +Nana arrive-20
That casual bystander in the dark brown shirt and khakis... yeah, that's Peter. The respective 
son and father of the two hugging. At least he's smiling in the second picture! *ha*

Papa +Nana arrive-19

We headed outside to where Nana was standing with the bags. Thankfully there weren't any cars nearby cause Simon took off at a full run as soon as he saw her.

Papa +Nana arrive-18Papa +Nana arrive-17

We haven't seen them for ten months.

Let the lovin' begin.

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  1. I absolutely LOVE these photos. The first one of the three boys waiting is too sweet.


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