Saturday, May 22, 2010

did you see?

I posted over at Kids in the Capital about our visit to the Sheep Shearing Festival at the Canadian Museum of Agriculture. As usual, there are TONS of pictures, but here are some of the non-sheep related ones that I thought were still good enough to share, but didn't have much to do with the festival itself.

sheep shearing-3

sheep shearing-13sheep shearing-15

sheep shearing-41

sheep shearing-33

sheep shearing-35sheep shearing-38

sheep shearing-39

sheep shearing-40

sheep shearing-57

sheep shearing-59

Thanks to Elise (the cute pregnant lady pictured above) for 
taking this last one of me. Gasp! A picture of ME!

To see the rest, head over here.


  1. And I think that's a really good picture of you!! ;)
    Lilou is sooo cute making is grimace!

  2. very good ..
    it's interesting for me, thank you .

  3. I love your pictures! I'm visiting from New Friend Friday. I signed up to be your follower.

  4. Someone took a shooting-upward picture of you and you don't have five chins. I hate you.


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