Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day from us and the Lorax!

This has to be my favourite Dr Seuss story. My boys also love it. I'm sure my poor mom has lost count of the times she's read this particular Seuss to her grandsons.

Enjoy! And Happy Earth Day!


  1. I've always adored the book and the movie. I was always SO thrilled when they showed it at school when I was little. I'm sure I only got a fraction of the lesson it was meant to give. As an adult, I bought the book and I read it to my little ones as much as they will let me :)

  2. I love that book! Bella just got it for her birthday. Happy Earth Day!


  3. Happy Earth Day!! Did you know the person who began Earth Day graduated from Camas High School with Duane. His name is Dennis Hayes.
    I do know I read "The Lorax" at least 60 times! 30 years, twice a day!!!! I also showed the movie many times.
    So glad the boys love it and Sara too!!!!!

    Hugs, A. Dianne


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