Friday, April 9, 2010

flashback... grad '97

Yeah! Lent is over! I can play Flashback again!!

And this year, we're traveling back to '97. To the year that Peter and I graduated from high school. Yes, we went together. We did all the typical grad type things (we don't call it "prom" here it Canada... at least not where we lived): Peter bought me a corsage, we drove in a limo with friends, he wore a three piece suit and  a tie (that we still have in the back of our closet somewhere!) and me? Well I wore a flapper dress. A custom made flapper dress that my mom and a friend sewed for me out of yards and yards of green fringe.

It was fabulous.

And I wore a headband with a giant faux gemstone and a green plume feather.

I was fabulous.

What a lucky guy that Peter was! Who wouldn't want to go to grad with a vision in green fringe??

And tellyouwhat, all those girls in their hundreds of dollars worth of fluff and poof and fancy fabrics HAD NOTHING ON ME AND MY FRINGE on the dance floor. Look at it move!! (And look at how thin my arms were! And how big my chin looks!? I promise it doesn't look like that in real life!)

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  1. The picture of you dancing is AMAZING! How sweet that you and hubby went to high school together.

  2. How cute, and very original!! Love it!!

    And, oh my gosh, you look the same as you did back then!!!

  3. you guys are super cute...I was just a year behind you too! I graduated in 98.

  4. Cute pictures and such a fun green fringed dress, love it!

  5. I remember that dress, and remember wanting it. haha!

  6. Oh wonderful photos! I love your flapper dress! You really are too cute :o)
    I'd wear that now!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (trying to catch upon my blog reading! I'd love for you to stop by..)

  7. Pretty cute, Amy!!! Did I know you then? Dianne


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