Tuesday, March 9, 2010

breastfriends *grin*

Last week was March Break for school kids here in Gatineau. My poor homeschooled boys still did school all week (since we take days off to go to the museum every few weeks), but we did take a break on Wednesday to have a play date with Liam's good friend, Lea, her two sisters and their mom, MY good friend, Valerie. Of all of Liam's schoolmates from last year, this is the only family that we've staying in close touch with. 

But this play date was special because we'd made plans to take some breastfeeding pictures of Valerie and la petite Marilou. So while the kids destroyed the basement played downstairs, I got to play with my camera upstairs.

I warmed up with a few shots of the always willing and always adorable Melo (there's another super cute picture of her here at Simon's birthday party).

I know this background fabric is a bit untraditional, but I lurve it. This baby girl is sweet enough on her own without needing to pose her with teddy bears and bunnies and flowers and other girly things. Besides, sugar skulls are flowery. Either way, this is some of my favourite fabric EVER... I only wish I'd had time to iron it (sorry, mom. *hangs head*).

The whole time I was taking those last pictures, Andrew was being forcibly restrained in Valerie's lap. Marilou kept gleefully pulling and kicking at the fabric and it was, clearly, too much for him to resist. I managed to take the following shot before we gave up and stripped him down to his diaper to join in the fun.


my favourite of him

I do have all of these next shots in full colour and in sepia, but I prefer them in black and white. They're more dramatic, but also seem more quiet and intimate. Wouldn't these four be nice in a black frame together? Except I'd flip the two on the right from top to bottom (I'm just too lazy to do it now... use your imagination).



It's been wonderful to make a bit of money with my photography lately, but it's times like this that I live for... being able to capture beautiful memories for a truly wonderful friend (there are a few more pictures over at Muddy Boots Photography. I love you, Val, and am so thankful for you and Martin and your girls.

(In this same photography vein, what do you think of having two of those widgets in the sidebar? Too much? Does it make you dizzy??)


  1. Two widget are not to much I think...
    I can't wait to have you taking picture of our familly and me breastfeeding my new tiny little baby!!!!! I feel to cry each time a sew a breastfeeding picture!!!! Haaaaa prego woman crazy feeling! :)
    I really love your work Amy...amd I love you too of course!

  2. Love these pictures, Amy! You are very fortunate to have such special friends in your Home Place!!!! So glad you let Andrew in on the blanket! He is adorable and I agree with you on the favorite--of Andrew!! Hugs,
    A. Dianne

  3. beautiful, as per usual. the two widgets makes the page too wide for my screen, so if i want to see them i have to scroll over. but to be completely honest, i don't look at the side bars much. though i did go there to head over to your photography page. so it is useful.

  4. That photo of the little girl in front of the pink blanket is amazing! All the photos are!


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