Sunday, March 7, 2010

the one in which history repeats itself

Overheard yesterday afternoon...

Simon: (wailing-WAILING!- as he walked up the stairs from the basement) "Mommyyyyyyyy! Liam killed all my guuuuuuuuyyyyys!"

Liam: (unabashedly) "Well, Simon, you said you wanted to play with me..."

The reason this was so funny is that when Peter was young, he and his older brother, Tim, would spend half the day picking out "teams" for their GI Joe adventures... only to have it end in tears when Tim -older and more highly skilled in GI Joe warfare- would capture or kill all of Peter's favourite guys. I'm sure that the scene I witnesses yesterday was played out a hundred times in Peter's parents' home when he was growing up.

And I'm sure it'll be played out another hundred times in ours.

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