Tuesday, March 16, 2010

before & after

From this:

To this:


Once again,

He really is a happy child, I promise. He was just into the whole pensive, "thinker" pose yesterday. While it doesn't showcase his adorable, gap-toothed smile to its full potential, I'LL TAKE IT over the regular grimaces and jazz hands.

And for the record, this haircut was NOT MY IDEA. Anyone who knows me knows I love long hair on little boys, but Liam -once again- has a little brother who has entered the hair pulling stage (don't want to mention any names *cough*Andrew*cough, cough*) and has been begging for a hair cut for the last few weeks. I finally gave in. He pulls off a shaved head really well, but I'll miss his curls. *sniff*


  1. Such a sweet little man! Love the smile! You can tell him that his hair cut now matches his Uncle Davy! lol Yeah for no more hair pulling!!!

  2. That's funny because Pat cut boy's hair today! And Edouard ask to his dad to shave his head on the top to look like him. He could'nt understand that Daddy just don't have hair on the top of his head!!! LOL
    Liam looks really cute with both hair cut! :) (And Jorick miss him sooooo much!)

  3. susanna's right, handsome either way, but those locks were gorgeous. just think of the heart throb he will be as a teenager! oh, sorry, didn't want to go there, did you? ;-)

  4. WOW, that is a huge change! He looks like he grew up in one little half hour. He's such a cutie!

  5. Quite the adorable face --hair or no hair! Especially with those teeth missing!!!! Those are Always some of my favorites--having taught so many children with front teeth missing!!! Hugs, A. Dianne

  6. Yeah...I'd go for a shaved head too if someone was into pulling my hair! Liam...you are a very handsome young man....and I like the missing teeth! A huge hug!! Love, Nana

  7. Yes...I'd go for a shaved head too if someone was into pulling my hair! You are a very handsome young man, Liam! A huge hug! Love, Nana


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