Tuesday, February 9, 2010

things I don't want to forget

A few things I don't want to forget about what my boys are doing and saying right now:


  • Whenever you have a particularly good or clever idea, you'll exclaim, "I know! It's Liam Wisdom!" like Quack's "Duck Wisdom" from Peep and the Big Wide World.
  • I'm amazed at how well you can read, considering that four months ago, you could barely read a word. I'm also amazed at how your tiredness level effects your patience for it. But still, you're reading. AND I TAUGHT YOU.
  • You would talk to Xavier every night on the computer if we let you. And you would talk of NOTHING ELSE, other than your Lego Star Wars games and who's unlocked who, and who's beat what level, and blah blah this colour lightsaber and blah blah droids and blah blah free-play and blah blah canisters and... Seriously? How can you not get tired of it?? And the thing is, neither of you two is really listening to the other. You just talk at and over each other until I can't take it anymore and say it's time to hang up. At least you have some sort of outlet though so that I don't have to bear the brunt of it. P.S. I still love you, my little gamer geek.
  • You want to learn to play the trumpet, so you can play the tuba when you grow up... like grandpa did.
  • You are becoming a huge fan of mysteries. Stories (the Bobbsey Twins books), episodes of Adventures in Odyssey, movies, anything where there's a mystery. You love it.

  • Instead of saying someone, you say everybody. As in "Everybody needs to open the gate!" or "Everybody needs to help me eat! or "EVERYBODY NEEDS TO WIPE MY BUM!"
  • Your best friend changes daily, if not hourly. Sometimes it's Liam, sometimes it's Andrew, sometimes mummy is your "best friend in the whooooole world" (awww!). And sometimes it's the guy standing behind us in line at the grocery store, who no doubt gets a huge kick out of the little english kid in the bright green toque whispering that you're best friends.
  • There are several things that you repeated talk about doing when you grow up, the top two being to stay up all night and have Liam teach you how to play his Lego Star Wars computer game.
  • Every day when daddy leaves for work you yell, "Have a good day at work with your friends!" (except it's more "HAVEAGOODDAYATWORKWITHYOURFRIENDS!") and as soon as you see him at the end of the day it's, "Hi daddy! How was your day?"
  • You are teething. ALL FOUR PRE-MOLARS. I just hope we survive.
  • Your love of cracks (yes, you read that right) is hilariously funny (ie, how you like to sneak up behind me when I'm squatting down playing with your brothers and try to stick Lego down my butt crack*... while giggling madly), yet often embarrassingly ill-timed (ie, trying to stick objects down my shirt during worship time at church.... while giggling madly).
  • At your one year check a couple of weeks ago, the doctor gave us quite the scare. But don't worry, she was wrong. And it'll make for a good story when you're older/at your wedding.
*a disgusting amazing rainbow-colour butt crack after the spectacular fall I took last week. I'm shocked I didn't break something. I am all shades of red/purple/blue turning green/yellow/brown. IT'S UUUUUGLY. I'd post a picture, but I don't think your father wants his wife's butt crack posted online. Pity too, cause it's rather impressive.


  1. So lovely! It's true that moments are fleeting and the people that they are changing so rapidly. I try to capture it through scrapbooking, but as life gets busier it gets harder. Your boys will love this when they are older.

  2. What a great collection of memories! It really is these "little" moments that are the ones that will cause the most nostalgia when they're older.

    (Thanks for signing up at Blogtrotting!!)

  3. Hey I'm tooo curious...what the doctor said about Andrew???? ;)

  4. What a good idea to write that all down! I love hearing how they are doing and they are the best. I am still laughing about the "cracks" and can only imagine what your beautiful rainbow must look like. lol I think that one will bring me laughter all night long. :)

  5. Gah, just left a long comment and it disappeared when openid failed!!

    Um, I said something brilliant about how lovely this post was, and how much we'll treasure these posts the most when we're old and grey and looking back on these times with fondness. or something! Oh yes, and how amazed I am by the basic commonalities inherent to all boys!!! ;)

    Lovely post, Amy! (I'm signing this with my google id so I don't lose it too!!)

  6. Too cute! And the crack thing... that is too funny! Hee hee!

  7. so cute!! great way to remember the little things that are happening...


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