Wednesday, December 30, 2009

finding the time

Today is December 30th and, now that I've awakend from my turkey-induced tryptophan coma, I feel like I'm in a race against the clock to get my holidays blogged. But first I need to get all my photos downloaded and editted AND THAT TAKES TIME. Time that requires I take time away from all the turkey-eating, picture-taking, cookie-consuming, friend-visiting, Playmobil-playing, Lego-building and general merry-making that's been going on. AM BEING PULLED IN. SO. MANY. DIRECTIONS.

But it's been a fun, fun holiday so far and I really want to document it all. For you, my lovely readers, and for me and my family.

Let's pray for a long nap time...


  1. I can't wait to see how your holidays were!

    I think I'll be blogging my Christmas activities well into March...

  2. Ugh, took me awhile to post about our holidays too! Crazy! So much fun though. I can't wait to see what yours were like!

  3. I wish i could spend my holidays with you..


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