Friday, December 18, 2009

and the winner is...

...Maria from BORED Mommy!

Actually, picked #4 (Sorry, I'm too lazy to do a screen capture and post the pic, but did you read about my harrowing trip out here? I deserve a break!), but that "anonymous" comment was left by my oh-so-funny husband, Peter. If you all notice a sharp rise in slightly rude/sarcastic/lame-attempts-at-humour comments in the near future, that would be Peter's way of showing me that I'm missed. Annoying sweet, eh? Awwwww...

So, Maria, hopefully you're online cause I'm off to send you a tweet.

Unrelated, but it has TOTALLY warmed up here. From -37C when we landed on Monday to a BALMY -10C forecasted for this afternoon (that would be 14F for you Yankees). The sun is shining and it's all white and wintery and lovely out. I might even bundle the boys up and venture out with them this afternoon, and I seriously HATE winter "fun" (heavy emphasis on the quotation marks). Not so lovely is the fact that all this sun and warmth (yes, -10C/14F is WARM around here!) is causing my mom's roof to leak around one of the sky lights. Although watching Simon's reaction when he gets hit with a fat drop of ice cold water is almost worth it. *evil grin*

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