Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween: part deux... or is it trois?

Aghhhh! Flash photography! Avert your eyes! So ugly! So harsh! So washed out! THE HORROR!

IknowIknowIknow. I hate flash photography too. But sometimes you just have no choice (ie, 7pm on a Saturday night in Canada where the sun now sets SHORTLY AFTER NOON). Someday I will own the much coveted (by me) SB-900 speedlight, and I will have no more need for the ugh-inducing on-board flash, but until then...

Here are my little gladiators.


Simon's looking sad because I wouldn't let him dress up as an early Christian... Get it?? Gladiator, lion and Christian? The theme for the night was Ancient Roman. GET IT?

That's better. An action shot. Now if only there wasn't so much awful flash.


That plastic knight costume is so common that lots of the little boys at church were sporting some variation of it (many more than pictured). These two here are two of Liam and Simon's (who was playing hockey at the time) best little friends. They are such good boys, their parents are amazing, they also do school at home... we're so thankful for them.

All in all, it was a very fun night. We left the church several hours later with two hot, tired, SWEATY boys and two big bags of candy. Peter even got in on the action in this giant inflatable gladiator ring that was rented for the evening. I wish I had pictures to show you (in all their flashy ghastliness), but my batteries died the moment he stepped into the ring. Unfortunately. Or fortunately, if you're Peter!

(If you're wondering how we handle Halloween treats with Simon's allergies, it's quite easy actually. Each year, we let the boys have two or three treats, then we give them the choice to either eat the lot of it OR trade it all in for a new toy (in the $10 range). We KNOW our boys will pick the toy. This year, they l ucked otu because Toys R Us was having a sale on the weekend. They pooled their money and were able to get a new Playmobil castle (although there's WAS NOT $79.95! It was on sale for $19.99). They've been fighting over it playing with it happily ever since.)

Oh and if you haven't already, would you vote for me here?


  1. GREAT costumes!!! Sounds like the party was such fun!! Super idea to let them have a couple of treats and then they get to choose a toy. How special that the castle was on sale! Yes, it would be hard for them to share. Loved the pictures!! Love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  2. Great costumes! Oh, and I voted for you. Good luck!

  3. The Captain had that same costume! Unfortunately he was too sick to go out in it. But I'm sure it will lead to years of bashing his sisters with joy :).

    Also...Namibia is far! And you just got here! We would miss you. A LOT.

    Also...voted for you for the flip camera and you're in the lead!

  4. Fantastic costumes. My little boy will be almost 3 for next years Halloween.... maybe I'll be able to get him to wear something like that. This year he only would go for a SuperHero Tee and cape (still cute) but not really a full out costume.

    Congrats on the big win!

  5. Love the costumes! That is awesome!
    As for the flash, I feel the same way. Something I read that works pretty well is to take a piece of tracing/tissue paper and tape it over your flash. This softens it just enough so it's not as harsh. I think it's great!


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