Monday, November 16, 2009

As to your Qs

I'm going to use NaBloPoMo this post as an excuse to answer some recent questions left on my blog AND to link to some of my readers, many of whose blogs I read on a regular basis and love.

Did you know you can have Little Ray's come and give a birthday party in your own home? ~Lynn
I've been to a b'day party where they came as Lynn said - it was perfect and my son loves it. ~Rebecca

Is that what all those Little Ray's vehicles were for? How many animals can they fit in a Smart Car?? We were there a bit early and the boys had fun checking out the vans and cars. Have you seen them? They're covered from bumper to bumper with pictures.

Yah girl, look at those abs!!!! And you played Rugby? That's awesome!!!! ~Alicia
Did I play rugby?! Pffft. Maybe those pics will have to make a Flashback Friday appearance. At one point, my sisters and I all played on the same team, Lynette in grade eight, me in eleven, and Heather in twelve. My dad LOVED. IT. Being the father of three girls (ahhh, blessed three times over!) he'd had his share of pigtails and Barbies and gymnastics. He got such a kick out of watching us all hit and tackle and ruck, etc. I played flank and 8-man, if you're wondering.

I didn't even notice the sock tan until you mentioned it, but now I can't look away. ~Crafty Mama

It was prety mesmerizing, to be sure. My sisters and I stopped traffic when walking together. But hey, if you're going to do something, do it with all your heart. Even if that something is a sock tan!

my best friend and her twin sister, were told that they might have scoliosis. And they did. After being checked up by doctors, they both had to wear back braces for YEARS, and have surgeries, and... it must have been horrible for them. But now, their backs are both completely fine, and they're both happily married, no more braces, no more surgeries, its all said and done. ~Tia
Is that supposed to be an encouraging story, Tia?! Hahaha....whaaaaaaaaa. I'm glad that your friends are now happy and healthy,  but it's the thought of braces and surgeries that FREAKS ME OUT. I know they used to open people up and fuse steal rods to each side of the spin. *dead faint* Luckily, we have great faith in our Dr Quirk.

Where are the uniforms?? I want to see them one more time!! ~Ellie (AKA my mom)
Ah, Ellie, I can't wait to get home for Christmas and truly explore the treasure trove of picture albums there with new Flashback eyes. Sooooo much good stuff.

I doubt George Lucas could have choreographed and filmed a better fight sequence! And seriously...I need to get me some of those...for ME...OK, maybe I might share. ~AlyGatr
Aly, they're suuuuper easy to make. I don't think you were reading back in June for Liam's Star Wars Lego Extravaganza birthday.  That link goes back to the post about making the lightsabers. It was the first of four posts in the increasingly inaccurating named series How to Host a Star Wars Party in 5 Excruciatingly Painstakingly Detailed Steps (10 points to whoever can name that alliteration).

Is this your new camera? ~Aunt Dianne
It hasn't arrive yet, Dianne, but I'm hopeful that I'll have it by Christmas.  I just hope that people don't get sick of watching videos of my kids! We'll give that thing a workout TO BE SURE.

Something I read that works pretty well is to take a piece of tracing/tissue paper and tape it over your flash. This softens it just enough so it's not as harsh. ~Sab (who's blog just reminded me there are only 40 days til Christmas... AAAAAACK!)
I had read that trick, but had forgoteent about it. I tried it this week and it was an improvement, however I still reallyreallyreally want an external flash. I might have to settle for a simple diffuser (a la Fong) for now (*whispers* It's on my Christmas list).

Is it stalking if I now follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your blog? ~mamajade
Ummm, yeah. You're freaking me out. Just kidding. But if I find you on my doorstep, I might start to worry... *wink*
I'm not lion...I love these pics. ~Susanna
Oh, Susanna. GROAN.

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  1. You do realize that now I'm going to insist on having a Star Wars party next year for MY birthday?? As soon as the pool noodles are back in stores, I'm SO going to make myself some :) In the meantime, I downloaded a virtual lightsaber on to my iPod touch so I can swing it around and make cool lightsaber fight noises.


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