Monday, October 5, 2009

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Our pictures are up! Our pictures are up! I. AM. EXCITED.

Back sometime in July, an innocent remark on Twitter by Melanie from m photography about my photo blog resulted in a deal being struck. I would do some design work on her photo blog, freeing it from the shackles  and limitations of Blogger designed blog templates, and she would offer to me a free family photo session.

Although I spent many hours on her blog -several of which due to RE-DOING what I'd already done after someone (*cough* Melanie *cough*) accidentally reset to an old template- I still think I got the better end of the deal.

Melanie suggested driving out to Wakefield -a small town about thirty minutes north of Gatineau, full of quaint, colorful little shops- for our photo shoot. Having been meaning to go there all summer, we loaded the kids into the van on a fine Sunday afternoon and made the short trip. Making two wrong turns and doubling back on ourselves only once, we arrived a mere fifteen minutes late. The stars were definitely alligned.

(On the way there, we fed the kids sugar cubes and Red Bull to ensure maximum alertness and energy levels.)

I'm thrilled with the pictures that Melanie took. Having promised my mom we'd have family pictures taken for her LAST CHRISTMAS, I might actually be able to fulfill that promise... just in time for THIS CHRISTMAS. Hopefully she'll be enjoy these shots much more than the Walmart variety she had in mind.

 Although you wouldn't know it from these first two shots, Simon actually did enjoy himself that day. Strangely, all of the pictures either have him look all outcast and downtrodden or else he's making some crazy face or striking a ninja pose (really, the out-takes are HILARIOUS).

Magical back lighting. The owners of the house from the first picture gave us permission to go around back and shoot in their garden. Not only does Wakefield boast one of North America's longest covered bridges and highest bungee jumps, but the people are amazingly friendly.

This is the first time y'all have seen my short hair. What do you think??

This was taken on the front steps of a cool old church right on the main street. I only wish that Liam would've left Andrew alone, but he was insistent on holding/lifting/carrying him in almost every shot. We were constantly saying, "Liam! Leave. Andrew. Alone!". To little avail.

Even though a bit over enthusiastic at times, can you guess which of our children was most into the photo session? Which one kept jumping into shots? Which one did so with far too much cuteness and we were thus unable to scold? Which one is in proportionately more shots than either of his younger brothers? Can you guess??

Clearly we love Liam best.


He's pretty cute though, eh? No, I won't tell you which of them I'm talking about.

(Okay, I'm talking about both.)

And how's this for a new blogger/Facebook/Twitter avatar? Once I photoshop out that zit that just had to make an appearance under the left side of my nose (my right). That mark on the right (my left), that's a dimple. Dimples are cute. Pimples, however, are NOT so cute. Not for thirty year old mothers of four. Not for anyone, really.

And how about this last shot? DO I EVER LOOK LIKE MY MOM. Except that my mom has/had (*snicker* sorry, mom) red hair, not brown, but still... holy smokes! I've never, EVER thought I looked like my mom before. Crazy. CRAZY.

I definitely got the best end of the deal, eh?

There are many more pictures worth showing off, but I won't bug Melanie to post any more to Flickr for me. You'll all have to wait until I get a CD of all of the images. Then I'll show you all the out-takes of Liam and Simon acting crazy like little boys.

If you'd like to see some more of this talented lady's work (including an amazing wedding I assisted her on a few weeks ago, but have yet to blog about myself), here's her blog and her website is


  1. Fabulous pictures. And I love your hair!!

  2. I love your hair, it's the first thing I noticed. Those are great shots, and I think your mom will love them much more than Walmart ones :)

  3. You should have some of these family photos turned into canvas art for your Mom this Christmas. I work with a great new local canvas printing company called CanvasPop. We love to work with local photographers.

  4. Amazing photos - and a great haircut! :) I wish Melanie lived near me. I'm looking for a great photographer in my area for our (small) family pictures. Just me and the husband. I definitely think you both got a great deal!!

  5. So adorable! My favourite shot is the one of the three boys against the house with the red siding.

    LOVE the new hair.

  6. First- LOVE your haircut! Totally suits you.

    Second- you have such an adorable family! Those are awesome shots! My favorite is the one with you and the boys sitting in the grass. So beautiful!

  7. These photos are so beautiful! And the hair ROCKS!

  8. You guys look great--awesome pics of you and your boys. And short hair is my favourite on you, Amy. You look fabulous!

  9. holy hot mom! the hair is FABULOUS! The kids are adorable and great job picking everyone out their nice outfits.. LOVE IT!

  10. Wow great shots and gorgeous family - love the hair!!!!

  11. i can see liam and simon is growing up so fast!!!
    i wish i can see andrew soon :)i think i have not seen him yet anyway take care and always be happy with your kids and peter!

  12. Liam is cracking me up, but much love for Simon, who is a middle child like me. Let's see the outtakes!

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Amy. I love your hair (it is totally making me want to cut mine short again!) and the pictures are just stunning. What a beautiful family!!

  14. WOW, those photos are amazing. You all look so good. I can't wait till baby 3 is here. Next summer/fall we are totally doing a shoot like this!

  15. oh and I LOVE your short hair. Once upon a time I had cool hair like that. Makes me want to go back to that time.

  16. great photos Amy! And I do love your hair too! Hope you are all doing well. love,

  17. I love the hair and wish I could pull it off.

  18. LOVE the pictures. LOVE! They are incredible. And the colors are gorgeous

  19. WOW! Such gorgeous photos, all of them! What a great Christmas gift these will make to your loved ones! I especially love the one of you with your three boys... that is just beautiful and one you'll always cherish, I'm sure!

  20. Great job on the colors of everyone's outfits! Amy, you look fantastic!! And I love the hair. If I looked like that with short hair, I would copy you.

  21. Wowowow!! Amy, your hair looks fantastic and these pictures? Magical. Wow! I'm speechless...

  22. Hi Amy & Peter, I loved seeing pictures of your family. You all look great. How fun to catch up just a little bit!
    Blessings to y'all!

  23. Amy! Hi!
    I am so glad to see your blog! You & Peter look awesome, I swear you have not aged a bit since I last saw y'all, what, 8 years ago!!

    These pics are awesome - your boys are too cute for words! Little boys - do they just not melt your heart!? Precious!

    I have not gotten to read your whole blog yet (believe me, I'll go back and read it all!:) - I'll also subscribe), but I have read some...and can I just say I cannot believe that you are in Quebec! you are homeschooling! and I am so happy to have found another 30 year old who loves Gossip Girl like I do! Ha! :) I will be so glad to keep in touch with y'all via the blog world~!

    I have read some of Nathaniel's story. I want you to know, that as that was all happening - I kept up with you guys through my mom, and Tree, and I was praying for you & Peter. I have thought of you guys, and of sweet Nathaniel countless times. His life, and your & Peter's bravery in the way you lived that & the choices you made - will never be forgotten.

    A big hi to Peter from us!


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