Friday, October 23, 2009

fix-it-friday #33

It's been a few weeks since I've participated in Fix It Fridays over at i heart faces. But this little guy's mug was too cute to resist. Here's the original photo courtesy of Carebear,


And here's the edit I did in Gimp,


I decided to focus on lightening the picture (easily using levels and contrast) and getting rid of the hot spots on his arm, cheek, neck and the back of his hair. For this I cloned, healed and made some copies of the top of his head that I then pasted into new layers and rotated to fit... I lost steam/ran out of time to do his shirt.

I realize that it's still very noisy (especially the background), but without the use of a de-noise program it would take me veeeeeery caaaaaarefully cutting around him with the magic lasso, the applying a gausian blur to the background. And I just don't have the time for that this morning!

To see others' take on this fix, head over to i heart faces.

ETA: I realize now that I didn't crop this picture at all. Normally I would crop off the top and left a bit, but just don't have the time to open it back up, crop, save, upload, then re-post. Sorry. It's after 11am and I haven't started school yet with Liam... and we're normally done by now!

Also ETA: I gave his hair quite a bit more volume, eh? I'm not sure if his hair is that curly in real life, but I think it at least looks natural enough. Thoughts?


  1. Looks great - what a fantastic job! I am very excited to be taking my very first photography course ever tomorrow . . . hoping my photos won't be so pathetic in the future!

  2. Brillant. You really fixed those hotspots well. Very detailed without looking fake. awesome!

  3. Super gorgeous job on the hot spots. Especially the cheek. Impressive!

  4. Great edit! It looks so much better lightened up!

  5. wowo good job.. love how u remove those hot spots :)

    u may view mine if u have time

  6. You did a great job! Your pictures on your blog are beautiful! I hope to one day learn to take pictures so pro looking.

    I am in love with the Charlotte Mason method. I was just told of a book called Pocketful of Pinecones. It's a fictional account of a mom using the CM method with her kids. I have not read it...but I plan to. Hope to see you around again! Love the header on your blog as well!

  7. Wow, great job! I like seeing how great the photo can look by editing it in Gimp . . . as photoshop is not in my budget right now either!

  8. Very impressive! I think that was really neat how you worked with the hair, and how you managed to fix the overexposed sections. Oh, and if you're interested in Noiseware, they do have a free version. It's quick and easy to use and runs as a separate program. (No Photoshop needed.) I love it.

  9. Great edit! Whatalottawork!
    Oh....and the cookies are done :) They're on a different blog,
    They were YUMMY!


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