Monday, September 28, 2009

duh-dah-daaaaah! INTRODUCING...

So I mentioned earlier that I had a new blog to introduce to you. A blog unlike any I've come across. Mommy blogs are a dime a dozen (or rather a dime A THOUSAND), and every time I turn around I seem to bump into another. freakin'. review. blog.

This blog, this blog is different.

And what this mysterious industry with universal appeal? Or at least univeral applicability? The funeral industy.

Yeah, you read that right. The funeral industry.

And who's the blogger? Well that'd be my younger sister, Lynette. The one who likes to leave ridiculously long comments on my blog- that is, when she actually takes time out of her busy reality-TV-watching-People-magazine-reading schedule. And when she's not practicing these other noble pursuits, she's busy studying to be a funeral director and embalmer.

A twenty-seven year old girl (whatever, she's my little sis, she'll always be a "girl" to me) choosing a job in the funeral industry? To work with dead people? Why yes, THAT IS WEIRD. Don't worry, we've all had our "Are you serious?" moments. She'd had to explain and defend her decision to E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. So what's a girl to do?

START A BLOG, of course!

What's more, *whispers* it's actually pretty good. It's surprisingly interesting and her writing is quite clever and fun to read. Lyn was never all that, um, academically inclined... however we aaaare related, so it shouldn't come as toooooo big a surprise... seeing as I'm pretty seriously fabulous. Can I get an "amen" to that?

Hello? *tap, tap* Is this thing on??

So head on over to My Life with the Dead List and give my little sis a big bloggy welcome. As long as she refrains from using terms like "srsly" and "prolly" and doesn't start blabbing blogging about pop culture or other nonesense, I think she has a lot of potential. Pretty sure she has the market cornered on studying-to-be-a-funeral-director/embalmer-blogs.

If nothing else, check it out for the beauuuuuutiful blog design... and help me bully her into using capital letters. CAPS ARE YOUR FRIENDS, LYNETTE.



  1. Sounds interesting. I will swing on over.

  2. Ha,ha,ha,ha! Funny how you can be so witty when talking about your little sis. (Big smile on my face right now.) I had no idea Lynette had ventured on such an...ahem...interesting career path.

  3. Very interesting!!! I know of several young people going into Physical Therapy, because they know we will ALL need help. Lynette is thinking WAY past that!!!!! I have a young friend who is dating a funeral director. He is very young and handsome. How many years does one need to study for this vocation? Guess I will have to look at Lynette's site.

    How is Andrew doing? Did he get over his yuckies? Love ya, A. Dianne


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