Friday, July 31, 2009

wrinkly toes

Andrew at the pool

I took ALL THREE boys to a nearby wadding pool BY MYSELF yesterday.

And even came home will all three!

Not willing to get in myself, I sat on the edge with Andrew between my legs, either sitting on the edge with his feet in the water or with him floating on my legs (I, with a firm grasp on the back of his shirt and waistband). I didn't realize until looking at these pictures how wrinkly his toes had gotten.

Couldn't you just eat them? Chubby little baby toes.


  1. What a great angle, you are so creative!
    And yes, his toes are very munchable!

  2. love it. :) He is such a cutie!!


  3. i am sure you are tired of me posting things on here (especially after my novel on getting old and warty). but i think, kami, that amy is able to be so creative b/c she IS thirty! the symbolic meaning of the number 30 deals with explosive creativity and discovery. i won't go as far as saying you explode, but i'll give you creative, amy! mom said i suck at taking pictures. amy - 1, lynette - 0 (this only pertains to photogging, nothing else)!


  4. excellent photo and yes I could just eat those toes up!

  5. Those little toes are just too kissable!! Would love to see all of you!!!!
    Love ya,


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