Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this must be how his mom felt when he started kindergarten

Peter starts his new job at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade -or DFAIT- this morning!

He first wrote the Foreign Service exams in January of 2007. Six months later, the interview process began and lasted for another six months. Christmas Eve 2007, he received a job offer from the Foreign Service and in May of 2008 we moved out to Ottawa for him to begin his year long French language training.

So now, ALMOST TWO AND A HALF YEARS after starting on this journey, he'll finally sign the letter of offer today. It's exciting!

Although I tried to get a good picture of him this morning, all fancy in one of his new suits, you'll all just have to be content with these less than satisfying shots. (Seriously, he's almost as hard as the boys to take pictures of. He's either sneering, sticking his tongue out, or making some other obscene gesture silly face.)

If I'd been more on my game, I would've moved the slippers out of
the shot and tried to position him so that the sun wasn't hitting him so
awkwardly. But seeing as he wasn't too keen on me taking pictures in
the first place, I didn't think he'd submit to me posing him.

halfway between a sneer and a smile

Focus, Amy, focus! Peter, just come back
for one more. Fine. This'll have to do.

I imagine this is what his mom felt like sending him off for his first day of school. Excited, proud, curious, maybe a little apprehensive... Will it be what he expected? Will he enjoy it? Will it challenge and inspire him? Will he make friends get along with his co-workers? Who will he eat lunch with?? And -most importantly- will he manage to keep his suits clean for more than one day???

(A special thanks to our salesman, Jasmine, -yes, that really was HIS name- for helping us out at Moore's the other day. It's hard to tell in the pictures, but that's a charcoal wool suit, light teal shirt with a subtle white pinstripe, and a black/turquoise/white tie. Pretty sharp. Jasmine knew his stuff.)


  1. Oh Amy, how sweet! He looks great and my hubby has that exact tie and it is awesome! :) Enjoy your new job Peter!

  2. Good Luck to your husband!! Very exciting for him and all of you with him starting this new position. YAY!! Nice suit.

  3. Amy,
    You did good! He looks very grown-up and it's off to the JOB he has been working so hard for! Peter, you clean up good and remind me of the first time I saw your Dad in a suit! I think we may have to come visit you and Jasmine to get Duane in a suit! :) Love ya, A. Dianne

  4. He is looking pretty sharp. Hope the first day goes well.

  5. Ahh Petey...we love you! I hope that it is all that you've been anticipating. We can't wait to hear about all your new "friends" but don't forget about the old and true ones!

  6. Well would you look at that, our little piere all growed up! Congrats bro! You've worked hard for it. I honestly dont know where the time goes anymore. Crazyness.

    Matt Lunde

  7. Enough of the congratulating...Amy I'm so embarassed - Jasmine "new" his stuff? Sorry, I'm the consummate proof-reader -- I can't help it. When I saw the 1st pic I thought Pete was trying for the job of the finance/budget dude who gets new shoes when a new budget comes down. I'm sure Pete (with your help, of course) would do a great job considering how well you've done on your own budget. Hope you had fun today, Pete ... and congratulations!!!
    Miss Ellie

  8. You sure look sharp, Peter!! You guys did a great job of picking out a suit, shirt and tie. I have to were a lot better at posing for pictures when you were in kindergarten! I know you are all excited about this first day of a new career. You have worked so hard for this and we are proud of you...all of you. Peter, you have worked really hard, and Amy you have worked right along side him. Looking forward to hearing how things go. I'm sure you'll keep the suit a LOT cleaner than you did your clothes in kindergarten!!
    Lots of love, Mom/Mora/Nana

  9. Nice suit!! I hope that he enjoys this new adventure!

  10. Hey Amy, I'm leaving a comment since I'm convinced your email is filtering mine. It must think the turtlehead mail is junk. Which it may be :).

    Anyway, some bloggers will be displaying photos at Blog Out Loud, and there is room for more if you'd like to show some, too. We'll be setting aside a table (or two) for the photos, so the best way to display them is in frames that can stand on a table top; on a small table-top easel; or in a book that visitors can flip through or pass around. I'd recommend both, actually -- a book and some sort of table-top display.

    Let me know if you are interested (lynnturtlehead at gmail dot com) and I will set aside a table space for you and make you up a cute little place card (Photos by Amy!).

  11. did the first day go??? Congratulations Peter!

  12. Looking good Peter!! My mother's comment to me the first time she saw me in a suit seems strangly appropriate. . ."Wow, you actually look pretty good once you clean all the shit off of ya!!"
    Cheers and stay in touch!


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