Sunday, July 19, 2009

Omega Park part 2: birds of prey

(Here's Part I of our Park Omega trip.)

Just as we were about to leave the park, I remember that the brochure mentioned a "Birds of Prey" demonstration was scheduled for 2 o'clock. Peter was ready to head home, but I convinced him that the boys would love it.

A barn owl.

Liam was totally into the show and, truth be told, I loved it too. Simon was more interested in climbing up and down the bleachers, which we decided wasn't a great idea seeing as the birds were flying low overhead and a couple of them might have been able to fly away with him. Peter took him to burn off some of the excess energy that had accumulated while being pent up in the van for so many hours driving through the park. We were both getting so frustrated with his inability to sit still that it was wither let him run or voluntarily feed him to the birds (figuratively AND LITERALLY).

I forget what this one was called, but it lives in the desert
and gets together with buddies to gang up on roadrunners.

A juvenile red-tailed hawk, whose tail was not yet red.

This falcon was rather impressive. Once its hood was removed, the trainer (keeper?) attached a piece of meat to a bird-shaped piece of wood that was attached to a long cord. He then swung the "bird" around his head in wide circles. It took the falcon a couple tries, but when he did manage to catch the bait, it was pretty awesome. AWE-some.

(Related: Simon found the falcon's hood hilarious. "Burdies no needa hat!" in the same tone as you'd say "Where'd they get this guy?". He might as well have been rolling his eyes.)

Speaking of awesome, check out this winged wonder.

It's a bald headed eagle, but again a juvenile so it's white head feathers haven't come in yet. This was a seriously scary bird! I know this next picture is lacking in many areas -I didn't get the full wingspan or the tail in the shot- but just look at its eyes! And its beak! Yikes. That's the meanest looking bird I've ever seen! Simon wouldn't stand a chance!

This was taken just as it (he? she? I wasn't about to get close enough to find out.) was about to land. I really love this picture and how you can see all the air ruffling its feathers as it braked in the air.

Has anyone seen "The Secret of Nimh"? Doesn't this remind you of the scene at the end when the two crows are flying off, all tangled in the string?


  1. Oh! Oh! It DOES remind me of that! Haha. And the first picture reminds me of Labrynth. That must have been so much fun. Great great pictures.

  2. HOLY....
    National Geographic called, they were wondering where their pictures went!

  3. Great pics - My son and husband would have loved to see that too!!!

  4. I have never been to Park Omega. Maybe we should plan a trip there this summer. Oh and to Mont Cascade and so many other places. So much to do, so little time. Great photos Amy. That one of the Eagle flying is amazing.

  5. I love those pics! Looks like such fun! And yes, that last pic does remind me of the movie!

  6. I've seen that movie (not for a long time though)!! And yes, it does remind me of the crows, lol. Good to talk to you today!

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  8. Nice pictures Amy. Bird-watching is one of my favourite hobbies, something I inherited from my father. Iain thinks I'm crazy when I boil water in the winter months for the birds to drink. I like to think of it as a form of devotion.

    I giggled a little when I saw that you called a Bald Eagle a 'Bald Headed Eagle'. But I'm a geek when it comes to birds, so don't feel bad;).

    By the way. I am having a really hard time posting comments onto your blog. Hope I'm not the only one.


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