Wednesday, June 17, 2009

pics from my first engagement shoot

Recently I was asked if I would consider photographing the wedding of our pastor's daughter, Elsa, and her sweetie, Sonny. At first, the possibility of doing an awful job made me seriously doubt my abilities and, frankly, made me feel a little nauseous. But they were convincing and Peter was encouraging, so I agreed to do it as our gift to them.

Last week we went out to take some engagement pictures and here are a few of my favorite pictures from MY FIRST EVER ENGAGEMENT SHOOT.

Sonny and Elsa. How cute are they? Sonny, can I call you cute?
I know (now) that I should've had them facing the light. It
was definitely a learning experience for me. A good one.

They play a lot of chess together, ergo the king and queen game pieces.

I love that she only has a hold on one of his fingers.

I have more to go through, but so far I'm quite happy with them. More importantly, Sonny and Elsa are happy with them. I was nervous as all get out, especially trying to give direction in my broken french (I managed. Badly.) and trying to remember all my ideas (I didn't) and then trying to get those ideas to translate through the camera (some did). It was definitely a lot of fun though.

If you'd like to see the rest of the shots, here's the link to the flickr set.

If this photography thing goes anywhere, I'll have to start another blog/site for it -other than my sadly neglected photo blog linked above. If you have any comments/advice/criticism I'd love to hear it. Seriously. Like I said, this was my first time. I'm still learning and want to improve.

Related: How much do you love the name Elsa?? It makes me swoon. LOVE. IT. So pretty.


  1. Wow...I wish I had pictures like that of Pat and me...Our anniversary is coming...;)
    Your pictures are absolutly beautiful, congrats Amy!

  2. Those photos are beautiful Amy! You did great. And they are gorgeous subjects to shoot. My goodness, they are so young.

  3. You did a great job, Amy!

  4. Those are fantastic!!! I love the angles and the railroad tracks are such a neat background. I am not a photographer but if you had done these of me and my hubs I would LOVE them!

    And I am so old, they look so young to me! But I am sure we looked young 10 years ago when we got hitched too :)

  5. Great pictures, Amy. No wonder they are pleased with them. You did a great job! Maybe this will be your new job?!

  6. LOVE them. How beautiful. If they happen to read this comment: seriously consider using the Chess picture as part of your invitations. Beautiful job Amy.

  7. Those look awesome!! You'd NEVER guess that was your first engagement shoot! GREAT job!

  8. Seriously- your first engagement shoot? I don't believe it.
    They turned out incredible!
    You did a beautiful job.
    My favorites are the chess one and the one on the train tracks. Very creative shots!

  9. Hey, great photos!
    You had asked for some input...
    I don't know if you had any input into wardrobe, but there are spots where it seems the whites are blowing out in the clothes, and (this is just my thoughts) but you crop really tight on a few of them, #1 on this post you cut off his one elbow just a tad. Number 9 in your flickr stream, you almost don't notice him down in the corner.

    Really though, these are all really minor things, these ROCK! I have not yet done photography like this. I can appreciate the stress. One of my bigger fears is capturing 'the moments' if you know what I mean. You have a good rapport with these two, they look comfortable and natural. That's WAY more important than a technically perfect photo.

    Keep shooting!
    Doug R.

  10. I love those pics, the chess pieces are adorable! I think you have a great eye for photography!

  11. Amy those are AMAZING!!!!! Next time we see you I'm making you take our family pictures!
    love ya!

  12. What a blessing for us to have you as photograph Amy! Thank you so much! We are very happy about this firts time togheter and trully comfortable with you... You are very talented and you have the potentiel to have a great future in this field if you want to... Thanks! :-) Sonny

    P.S. I also think Elsa is a very nice name! ;-)

  13. WOW.
    I love them all.
    You have a great eye!

  14. Amy these pictures are really really great!


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