Saturday, May 9, 2009

why I need Photoshop

My measly, plastic-y edit:

Aaron from tharpography:

Christina from tonkamom:

Angie from theArthurClan:
(will add it in shortly, I hope)

Drew from Happy Chaos:

Wow! That's ONE CUTE KID, eh?

Thanks so much to everyone from i ♥ faces who stopped by yesterday and left feedback and advice. I'll have to read over it all again, then try my hand at this same picture to see what different results I can come up with.

A HUGE thank you to everyone who took the time to actually edit the picture themselves. Time is not something that most people have in excess, so I truly appreciate it. It has given me loads of ideas (and more than a little bit of envy for your mad PS skills!).

If you'd like to see what else these talented folks are up to, take a minute to check out their blogs. It's amazing how much I've learned and the new ideas I've gleaned just from jumping around their sites to get links for this post!

(Now who wants to tell my how to make my pics fill up my whole column?? I've tried changing the html, but must not be doing it right cause they just disappear!)

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  1. I think GIMP will do most of what you need, you just need to spend the time finding the tutorials. I've been thinking about Elements but I just spent money on new gear so that budget is shot.

    As far as whole column width for pictures; try linking pictures from your flickr account. Post the picture to flickr, go to the "all sizes" bit and pick the size you want from there. Then you cut and paste the html code into blogger. You can enter custom numbers for width and height, but try and make sure you tweak those numbers equally or you could make you photo look weird.

    Blogger doesn't seem to play well with BIG pictures.


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