Monday, May 4, 2009

meal plan and grocery roundup - May 5th

This week in meals has already started out kind of badly. I cooked a pork roast last night and that bad boy was DRY. Ugh. I hate a dry roast. And most of my roasts as of late have been major FAILS.

(Anyone read Fail Blog? It's the only other blog that Peter consistently reads. There's definitely some funny stuff there. Like this or this or this. Peter, Joel and Heather stayed up til 2am or some ridiculous hour reading Fail Blog over Christmas.)

Back to my hopelessly dry roast.

That roast was set to make an appearance as something else this week (tonight actually), so let me know if you have any ideas for resurrecting a failed pork roast.


- pork roast (from the freezer)
- green beans
- baked potato

- something using the leftover pork roast (I'm thinking pulled pork sandwiches or fajitas... something involving sauce cause of the dry-ness.)

- roast chicken
- roasted cauliflower
- mixed green salad

- bbq chicken pizza (chicken, mushrooms, tomatoes, roasted red peppers, maybe spinach)
- carrot and celery sticks with hummus and tzatziki (did I spell that right Loukia??) for dipping

- thai lettuce wraps

- leftovers

- soup and grilled cheese
- chicken caesar salad with homemade croutons

We had a birthday party to attend Sunday, so I was unable to get my grocery shopping done. I went yesterday morning with Simon and Andrew. It confirmed just how much easier it is to shop solo. It's not that either of them are at the age to want things or whine for junk, it's just the act of of loading and unloading them (and groceries!) AT FIVE DIFFERENT STORES.

You may argue that driving around to all those different stores doesn't actually save any money, but in our case they're all quite close together. It's very convenient.


- lettuce ($.99ea)
- organic spring greens mix ($4.99)
- 3lbs of strawberries (3/$5.00)
- bananas ($.69/lb)
- red seedless grapes ($.99/lb)
- red peppers ($2.99/lb, this is more than I normally spend but I need them for this week)
- tomatoes ($.99/lb)
- celery ($1.29ea)
- mushrooms ($1.50)
- cauliflower ($1.99ea)
- broccoli ($.99ea)
- 8 mini cucumbers ($1.99)

- 3 cans of Chunky soup (2/$4.00 then 1 free if you buy 2, so 3/$4)
- 3 bags of rice pasta for Simon (3/$5.00)
- bbq sauce ($.99)
- 2 whole chickens ($.99/lb)

- 2 cans organic tomatoes (2/$3.00)
- Ritz crackers ($5.99, I really need to start making my own crackers)

- 2 cartons of rice milk ($2.19ea, not on sale. argh.)
- 2L goat milk ($3.44, this was 50% cause it expires in 2 days, but I'll be making yogurt out of it)
- 2L organic whole milk ($2.74, 50% as well same as above)
- organic yogurt ($2.19, to use as starter)
- goat yogurt ($3.79, to use as starter)

My total was $99.45, $16.62 of which was for Simon, so $82.83 of "normal" groceries. I still have to get yogurt from one place that was out of it yesterday. It'll be $4.44, making my total for the week $103.89.

I'm aiming for $400 again this month, although I wish I could do better. I'd lvoe to be able to cut that down to under $300 for the month, but I', not sure how. We don't eat extravagantly as it is -although I like to plate things nicely!- and I won't feed my family mac 'n cheese every night (I couldn't if I wanted to -which I don't!- because of Simon's allergies. I make my own bread from scratch, am starting to make our yogurt, we eat almost no precessed foods (Peter eats the Chunky soup and, again, I really should make our crackers). I guess I could cut out some of the fresh fruit and veggies, but I think they're important.

Do any of you see areas I could cut cost? I'd love to hear it.

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  1. I think you are already making a good job in saving...I am wondering what do you eat for diner? I have to plan all my dinner/supper (for the daycare) and I have trouble to make it work for 100$/week! By the way, crackers are very easy to do and you can flavouring them with anything you want! And you should cut the pop before cutting the fresh fruit and vegetable! Hahaha! ;)

  2. Sounds like you have a great menu! Here is what I always do for my roast.... Chop a small onion and place it into a slow-cooker/crockpot. Then place your roast on top, then layer with potatos and carrots. Cook until done. {I always sprinkle seasoning salt after each layer.} After eating this, we separate the meat from veggies for BBQ. Serve the veggies on the side! It is inhaled everytime.

  3. I always crock-pot my roast with a can of soup and it's never dry. I don't know what to do with dry roast though... unless you put it into a casserole with lots of sauce.

  4. I can't believe you get it down to $400!

    Leftovers for lunch is usally the easiest way I can save - cook once, eat twice.

    Some meals we sub. meat for canned salmon or canned lentils when possible. It's a lot cheaper.

  5. You are doing great for as many organic products and rice & goat milk as you have to buy. I would say make sure they only fruits and veggies you buy are on sale, or REALLY needed. We only buy marked down lettuce (the date is 2-3 days away but if it looks good when I buy it, it will usually stay good for a week). I would make sure you shop around for your meat. $.99 lb for Chicken is good, but there may be a local butcher or even a family that raises and butchers the chickens for you, and it would be cheaper, I also buy marked down meat (2-3 from sell by date) and then I split it up into meal portions and freeze it right away.

    Also, write your companies that you buy their products a lot. Give them a praise about their product and lots of times they will send you a coupon or two. Or just come straight out and ask a company for coupons. Tell them you are feeding 3 little boys and would rally appreciate any coupons that they could give you.

    And last I would ask if you have every MADE your pasta? Yours wasn't a bad price, BUT you could probably make it cheaper. Plus it is fun and delicious!

    Keep on feeding your family well, and as long as you are doing your best, don't worry about spending $100. a week! You may find over time that if you keep on TRYING to do well, that your spending may gradually come down!

  6. We spend more than that for 4 people when you add in our grass-fed 1/2 beef that we buy each fall. (I save $100 each month toward that). Organic and gluten-free food costs A LOT. We are not wheat allergic, but my daughter's close friend is and I buy for her for when she visits. That is an incredible price for rice noodles compared to what I've found! Good job. The veggies are important. I wouldn't change your eating style to less healthy. We do compromise on some items, but not the biggies that actually make someone sick. So, just be encouraged and do your best. We actually grow, freeze and can tons of veggies and fruit, maybe you could grow a few things or buy from u-pick or a farmer's market for less. During the winter, I serve the frozen and canned even though they may prefer fresh. It saves me a ton and I know what's in it.

    Don't let yourself become discouraged, just keep trying.

  7. Crockpot the roast. It's a "no fail" easy way to go. Works every single time.

    As for leftovers, shred and add bbq sauce. Simmer over med heat to carmelize the sauce just a bit. Serve on buns. The kids LoVe it!

    Or shred and add taco seasoning. Serve in tortillas.


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