Monday, May 11, 2009

meal plan and grocery roundup - May 11th

Seeing as yesterday was Mother's Day, I decided to forgo a solo shopping trip and instead have a nap. It was lovely.

I braved the stores today with Simon and Andrew. We hit up Costco, Super C, Loblaws, and Maxi. We even ran into some friends at Loblaws (hi, Ester!) which NEVER happens here since we know so few people. Such a little thing, but I'm still smiling about it.

PRODUCE- 2 pineapples ($1.66 each)
- celery ($1.69, more than normal but we're out)
- spinach ($3.69)
- bananas ($.69/lb)
- 3lb bag of clementines ($3.99)
- 5 heads of garlic ($.99)
- tomatoes ($.99/lb)
- 4 lemons ($1)
- cauliflower ($1.99)
- apples ($.79/lb, I'm looking forward to cheap apple prices again this fall)
- organic baby carrots ($3.49)
- 2lbs basket of kiwis ($1.66)

DAIRY- 4L of milk ($5.58)
- 3x 300g cheese ($2.99 each)
- goat mozzarella ($5.49)
- Camembert cheese (50% off so only $3.50, YUM!)

MEAT AND OTHER STUFF- 2x 1kg perogies ($1.79 each)
- 1.36kg coffee ($7.35)
- organic EVOO ($7.99)
- sausage from Costco ($10.49, not cheap but the only kind I can find without wheat in them)
- chorizo ($3.99)
- Scotch Brite pads ($3.99, so mad that I found some under the sink when I went to put these away!)

My total was $90.23, so below my $100 limit. With my mom visiting for 10 days and Peter's parents here for a week, I know our budget will be over $400. It'll be interesting to see how low I can keep it though... how many times do you think I can feed them beans and rice? Just kidding. I love cooking for my family... there are more people to help clean up the mess I always make!

And what will I be making with all this lovely food?

- homemade pizza with bbq chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach and feta cheese


- sausage, perogies and spring mix salad
- peanut butter chocolate chip cookies


- pasta in an olive oil sauce with sausage, tomatoes, spinach, olives and goat cheese


- soup (I have both ham and chicken stock made, but am not sure what kind of soup to make... probably something with lentils)
- fresh homemade bread

- hamburgers with all the fixings

- szechwan shrimp over basmati rice


- leftovers

This week I also plan on making my own ketchup (without onion since Simon reacts to even the bit of onion in commercial ketchup), and I hope to try my hand at making tzatziki with the goat yogurt I made on the weekend. Using goat yogurt means that Simon will be able to have some too. Think it'll be worth the effort??

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  1. I've noticed that things are cheaper when we get rid of our cereal and eat other things like fruit, bran muffins (homemade of course), oatmeal or cream of wheat, pancakes, etc for breakfast! Cereal is being slowly cleaned out of our house, not to be purchased much again (that'll cut about $30/month of our budget, and I don't expect we'll be paying more than $10 for the other things we'll be replacing breakfast with)

  2. Mmm... your weekly menu sounds delish!

  3. I'll teach you a secret for making tzatziki, make sure you wring out the cucumber first! get some paper towel or an old towel and really squeeze all the water out, this way the cucumber will absorb all the liquid and you wont have runny tzatziki, do it! ( a secret from nick martselos, yes very greek)

    Matt Lunde


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