Monday, May 25, 2009

8+ hours of cake decorating later

Two cakes, two batches of rice crispy squares, and two batches of marshmallow fondant, then decorating? = OVER 8 HOURS OF WORK.

The expression on my 6 year old's face when he saw his Commander Fox Lego Clone Trooper cake? = PRICELESS.

I have loads of pictures to go through yet, so a more complete post will have to wait a bit. It was so much fun though, and Liam told me at the end of the day that it was the BEST DAY he'd ever had.


  1. I am mighty impressed!

    You did a FANTASTIC job!

    I love that you used rice crispy squares. I made a pirate treasure chest for my little guy using r.c.s too, because of his allergies.

    I've never tackled do you make yours??

  2. Great job! It looks fantastic! J doesn't eat cake, so we made a cake out of Rice Krispie treats last year, the kids loved it.

  3. That cake is AWESOME!!! I would have LOVED to have been there to see his face and celebrate with you all. I remember his face for the R2D2 cake. Happy early 6th Birthday Liam!!
    - Sara & Matt

  4. Wow, that cake turned out so well! Great job Amy!

    Glad Liam had such a good day, doesn't that comment just make it all worthwhile?


  5. I can't get over how well your cake turned out. You did an amazing job. I love planning my kids parties too. They are so appreciative. It is totally worth all the work.

  6. This cake is seriously mind-bogglingly beautiful. I can't believe how realistic it looks -- just amazing! I can't wait to hear all the step-by-step details.

    And the party looks like it was super fun, too...I showed the invite and your pre-party planning pictures to my six-year-old and he was pretty upset to hear he wasn't invited! I think we will try a theme like this for him for next year.

  7. Toby asked, "Why couldn't I be there?!" The party looked liked some serious FUN! Great job! These are the memories Liam will always carry with him... Can't believe he is six (almost).

  8. That is awesome! I may have to try doing something similar for my hubby next birthday! Haha!

    I want to try making fondant sometime... how was it?


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