Tuesday, April 21, 2009


After several readers left comments eluding to carpenter ants, I spent a few minutes reading this article. Words like "infestation", "nest", and "swarm" came up often. Super.

My whole body tensed up with I read this,
"A parent carpenter ant colony sometimes establishes one or more satellite nests
in nearby indoor or outdoor sites. If one nest is found, watch for evidence of additional
nests. More than one nest may be present in a structure.

I felt weak and more than a little ill at this bit,
"When carpenter ant nests are indoors, mating swarms become trapped inside."

And was left rocking hugging my knees to my chest after this juicy tidbit,
"Sound detection may be helpful in locating a nest. An active colony may
make a dry, rustling sound that becomes louder if the colony is disturbed."

More than one nest? "Mating swams"!? Nest so big that THEY MAKE NOISE?!??

For the love of all that good and holy, please pray there is not A NEST of bugs in my house!


(Off to find a solitary worker ant and follow it through my house with a red flashlight in the hopes of finding its home.)


  1. Eeek! I'm freaking out with you!

  2. I've concluded that the earth is founded on an ant pile since they seem to thrive everywhere we have lived or visited. So, here's a thought for your budget: They seem to be a highly sustainable source of energy. Maybe they can be the new biofuel we need (or connect their treadmill to your power grid). Or, here's one that Liam, Simon and Andrew would love: Develop a new granola recipe with those critters (crunchy on the outside and . . .!) using the big ants. Keep the boys focused by saving a few healthy ones alive to do the backstroke in the breakfast bowl, etc. That could be a best selling item! Or, just come visit us and you won't even have to hunt for them!
    Keep smiling, Papa

  3. GAH! I am praying there is no nest! ICK!

  4. My dad had this thing that let out a high pitched sound that would kill insects and rodents... I can't remember the name of it but it worked wonders (especially since we had mice and ants like crazy in our old house). Only problem was finding the dead mice... can you say ewww?
    Have you tried those ant traps?


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