Wednesday, March 4, 2009

no sense of humour?

That's right, I'm Canadian and I spell it H-U-M-O-U-R. Unlike our N-E-I-G-H-B-O-U-R-S to the south.

So seriously. How can no one have left a comment on the sleep walking dog video? That's some funny stuff! Liam watched it at least eight times consecutively and laughed EVERY TIME. Am I cruel for thinking that a dog running into a wall is funny? IT. IS. FUNNY.

Moving on.

I should have written and posted Andrew's letter today, but I've been doing our taxes. Honestly, I love doing taxes and this year has been no exception. In fact, for the first time in five years, we'll actually be getting a refund. A big one too. Although the majority of it will be going towards paying off our line of credit, I think we'll treat ourselves... to a... new bed!

What? No trip? No new TV or jewelry? NOTHING FUN?

This might not seem all that exciting to most of you, but we've been sleeping on a futon mattress since we got married almost nine years ago, and Peter bought it almost two years before that. A futon mattress that's over 10 years old.


If I get my way, we'll buy an organic latex mattress... a queen. A king size would be lovely -especially given the fact that we always have (at least) one child in our bed for the majority of the night- but I'm not sure that our room is big enough. But even a queen size will feel VAST after our piddly little double. Double FUTON. With curved edges. That's resting on just the box spring so that it's not a far drop should little ones fall out.

We live like college students.

We're also looking at getting the boys bunk beds for their room. Although I'm hesitant to take Simon out of the crib -it's necessary for containment- we'd really like to get Andrew used to sleeping someplace other than burrowed into either of our armpits.

Do you hear that sound, Peter?

It's Ikea calling.


  1. Well, I saw the dog video on Dooce and did have a laugh, so nothing against it ;) I do think the dog might be sick, since there's another video of it barking in his sleep, weeeeiiiird...

    Moving on.

    Wow, you survived on double futon all this time? You deserve a medal. Or at least a super duper nice new bed for sure. I think queen size will pleasantly surprise you, we still manage to have 2 kids in our bed when needed. At times I wish we had a king size so I could take on my favorite sleeping position that Mark calls 'boomerang', but I don't think our room would be big enough unless we opened the sliding doors and kept our feet outside on the patio...

    And I also wasn't sure that getting Elijah out of the crib into the bunk bed would work well, but it did. Maybe because he started getting out of the crib long before we got the bunk bed. I sometimes wish their bedroom was big enough for a full size floor bed so the kids could just sleep next to each other. Oh well...

  2. I have a very laud laught too with the walking-sleeping dog...I am not really an amimal lover so I enjoy stuff like that!!!! If you have more I'm to one to share it with!!
    And for the bed...we went from a double to a king size bed...and wow! We can have our three child between us and still have place to move! Consider it, it's realllllly worth it!

  3. I'm getting my girls bunkbeds with income tax money too. They are really excited!


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