Friday, March 6, 2009

Andrew: month 2

(I think I'll cry when we're out of the single digit months.)

Andrew, I have to admit that I've often been critical of other parents when they've gone on about how hard it is to parent a sick child. Your brothers have been sick on many occassions -we've also dealth with operations and broken bones- and I've managed. It's not ideal, but life as we know it doesn't grind to a screeching halt.

But I'd never had to deal with a sick baby. A sick infant.

Currently you're getting over what the doctor called "a upper respiratory viral infection". So a cold. It started late last Friday night as a little cough (which I admit to thinking was cute at the time, silly me), Sunday night you woke up at 4:30am crying and wouldn't stop unless you were held upright and being patted HARD. To make matters worse, I was exhausted from being awake with Simon from 11:30pm til sometime after 4am when he finally passed out. But it wasn't so much that you were awake and crying, but all the fluid in your mouth/throat/chest. It sounded like you were drowning. Very unnerving.

For the past week, you've only been happy (and by that I mean not screaming) when you're in a wrap. Wrapped snug and in the upright position so that your nose and mouth can drain... all over my shirt. Although I did managed to at least do the dishes yesterday, that was the first real housework I'd done IN DAYS. Even though you've been closer to your normal happy-baby self today, I still feel like the house is a total mess. Not necessarily dirty, but definitely in need of a serious tidy. In addition to that, during this last week here's a list of the things I didn't do:

- I didn't cook anything remotely worth eating
- I didn't pick up any toys (close your eyes and imagine heaps of toys, dried playdoh, broken crayons, bits of paper, several odd socks, and hundreds of Lego and you'll be close)
- I didn't vacuum an already dirty floor
- I didn't fold any of the clean laundry or wash any of the dirty
- I didn't brush my hair

Thankfully, you don't notice or care. If you promise to be blissfully unaware of the carnage that was your house this week, I'll promise to be less judgmental of other parents of sick kids.

Oh and I realize that this post was more about me than you, but cmon, you're 2 months old. You're cure, but ya don't do much.

Love, mum


  1. Oh poor sweet Andrew. Colds are terrible when babies have them and it breasks our hearts. Hope this next week finds him much much better and you getting caught up in everything, or at least some good rest.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. That is one cute baby! I love the pic of him snuggled up in his wrap :).


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