Sunday, December 28, 2008

he said what??? and a belly pic

At church this morning, one of the guys was telling Peter their doctor's fool-proof method to bring on labor... take your wife out for spaghetti then "make love" (please read this to yourself in a french accent for full affect) three times that night (three times?!). He (the guy AT CHURCH) said that "the spaghetti fills her up from the top, then you [Peter] fill her up from the bottom".

Let me remind you that this was all spoken IN THE HOUSE OF GOD.

I love our church. God bless the french... someone's got too!

(Even though this was all said to Peter and I AND MY MOM, I reserve the right to delete it all should I regain my sanity and find it totally mortifying.)

On a much less awkward note, here are some pictures I took today. All clean and showered and dressed in something other than pyjamas. I'll include my pictures from seven weeks ago -dressed PURPOSELY in the same clothes (I do have more than one outfit that still fits, thank you)- so you can compare.

The ones on the left were taken at 32 weeks +3 days. The ones on the right are from 39 weeks + 3 days.

That last one is a way better profile picture than the one from 32w. Pretty impressive, no?


  1. So did you try it??? Cause really, when you want to have a baby, anything will do!!!

  2. That's right! Spaghetti, huh? haha! ohhh my. I don't even know what I would have done if someone said that to me. Amy, you look amazing! You just look like you shoved a soccer ball under your shirt.

  3. You look're's all baby. Hang in there till tomorrow night at midnight so you can get all the good free stuff!! Have you finally decided on a name???

  4. I'm still blushing!

    The profile picture is impressive, but you look great, Amy. Can't wait to hear news of baby's birth!

  5. Last Sunday, a couple at our church celebrated 69 years of marriage. When the pastor asked them to stand, the husband introduced his visiting daughter (about 65 years old) as "the product of our early efforts." It was very, very funny.


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