Thursday, October 30, 2008

canada's two official languages

I was in a hurry this morning to get to the grocery store for a few things before picking Liam up for lunch. The set of traffic lights closest to our house is INSANELY LONG. Since it started to turn yellow as I approached, I thought I'd duck through the parking lot of the gas station on the corner, thus saving a few minutes.

I should've checked my mirrors first...

Instead, even though I was already signalling left, I turned right... totally cutting off the guy behind/beside me. I heard the brakes squealing so I know he tried to stop.

We both pulled into the gas station, where he and his friend got out SCREAMING at me in french. I quickly said that my french wasn't great (the french that is buried in some rarely used area of my brain doesn't work well under normal circumstances, certainly not when my ears are still ringing with the sound of metal on metal, or fiberglass as the case may be). Thankfully the gentleman spoke both official languages, so he immediately started screaming and swearing at me IN ENGLISH this time.

Right away I said I was sorry and new it was my fault, but he was still understandably upset. Well then I STARTED CRYING. What else is a pregnant lady to do under those circumstances? True to his sex, he felt bad and told me not to cry. To which I responded, "I'M PREGNANT! I CRY ABOUT EVERYTHING!" He got a whole lot nicer after that...

I still have to call our insurance to see what they say. I just feel so sick and stupid about the whole thing. Whenever I think about how much this is going to cost, I start crying again... and looking around the house to see what I can pawn to pay for it all...

Here's hoping I get an insurance rep who takes kindly to hormone-charged, emotionally fragile pregnant ladies! Wish me luck!

P.S. No one was hurt.


  1. Oh no!! Let us know what happens. If it makes you feel better, a few months ago, in my hurry back from lunch, I stomped on the gas and reversed right into a friend's car... that was fun... I couldn't even go into the house to tell them, contemplated taking off and playing dumb when I saw them again, and ended up sitting there crying and feeling dumb until they came out to go back to work too. In my defense, they parked in a dumb spot, where there's NEVER a car, and I couldn't see them from my side mirror, which is the only one I use when backing out of Matt's parent's house...

  2. Amy, I'm SO SORRY! So glad no one was hurt, but know how miserable it is to be in an accident. Tim and I have been feeling sad for you and Peter - not a fun thing to have to deal with. :(

    On a positive note, your blog is looking fantastic! Love all the pictures.


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