Thursday, September 4, 2008

first day at school

Liam's first day of kindergarten was Wednesday. He was SO excited! I was so nervous.
When we first moved here, we registered Liam at the school in our neighbourhood. After still not hearing which school he'd be going to, I finally found out - the third week of August - that he'd been transfered to the school the next neighbourhood over (the other kindergarten was full). It's not that big of a deal since it's less than a five minute drive, but the other school would've been walking distance. He is signed up for the bus though, which stops right outside our door. For the meantime though, I'll be driving him.

He's quite thrilled with his new backpack, as you can see.

Liam's teacher is Madame Seguin. She seems like she's been teaching kindergarten forever - kind of reminds me of Peter's Aunt Dianne in that sense. Her English is a bit weak, but Liam's there to learn French after all. Here she is welcoming the kids in the morning (this was only half the class since they're doing a progressive entry type thing).

There are four little tables in the class and each has four kids at it. The little boy who sits beside Liam is the tall, black one standing behind him in line above, named Noah, and the little girl who sits across from him is Amelie. I haven't met the fourth. Here's Liam sitting at his table.

So far he seems to really like it. I'm not sure how it will go when the full day starts this Tuesday... It seems like an awfully long time for him to be gone. He's only five! Simon and I will definitely miss him. As it is I feel like I'm looking at the clock every five minutes to see how much time is left...


  1. I have been thinking a lot about Liam starting kindergarten, so was glad to see you had posted about it. He looks so handsome - I love the haircut - and so proud. Great backpack!! What has he had to say about his teacher, new friends, what he is learning, etc.?


    A nosy aunt

  2. SO cute!! He looks so old.. and going off to kindergarden... wow. How is Simon doing without his big brother there all day? Well, the school looks fun. Give us some details when you get the chance!

  3. liam looks so smart and grown up...what happened? at least he didn't get into a fight and beat anybody up on his first day...hopefully!


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