Thursday, May 22, 2008

Don't tease me!

Peter discovered a new way to push Liam's buttons last night.

Liam was sitting at the desk in our hotel living room, playing with his Star Wars Lego. Whatever he was building flew into several pieces and he started whinning for Peter to pick stuff up for him. Peter suggested to Liam, quite innocently, "Why don't you just use the Force?".

Well. The suggestion was NOT well received.

Liam totally freaked out! And on the verge of tears, yelled at Peter, "Don't tease me! I don't have the Force!"

Liam was clearly upset, so we tried valiantly to keep our laughter hidden and to show him that we were taking his concern seriously. We're still not sure if he got so upset because he was over tired and cranky, or if we hit very close to the mark and he really does secretly wish he had the Force and really was a Jedi (which I totally wouldn't blame him for since I dreamed of having the force as a kid... okay I was 15, so what).

To end this post, here's a picture from last Hallowe'en. Liam and Xavier are the stormtroopers, Rowan is Darth Vadar, and Simon was Yoda.

~ Amy
(mum to a Jedi Knight and Super Hero, "Destructo")


  1. Haha, I remember when I wanted to have the force. I don't think I was 15 though... dork.

  2. peter should know better! i can only imagine all the times up in liam's room that he tried to use the force...i not so secretly would have loved to see that! and i agree, sara/matt, she is a dork!

  3. Hi Bundy's,
    Luke is also loving playing Luke Skywalker these days....
    How is it Living in Ottawa? CONGRATS on being pregnant Amy and Peter!! How are you feeling Amy? I'm sure the move and and the changes make it just a little tiring... but so many exciting things happening for you... we are so happy for you. No news here... but we keep praying for real soon!! All our love, Mark, Naomi and Luke


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